Our services have one goal — to help companies create value by leveraging their intellectual property.

IP Portfolio Development

A strong IP portfolio increases credibility during fund raising and provides your products with a competitive advantage in the market. John Storella develops IP strategies to protect those features that make your products attractive to customers. A winning IP strategy is not merely invention-driven, but also takes into account the desires of your customers, your your sustainable competitive advantages and your corporate strategy.

Freedom-to-Operate Analysis

A company that launches products without establishing freedom to operate risks being blindsided by competitors who have potential blocking rights. John Storella performs freedom-to-operate analyses for clients, identifying possible barriers to entry and advising clients how to design around patents, negotiate fair licenses, or prepare for potential litigation.

Technology Transactions

Control over core technologies is fundamental to building a successful company. John Storella helps clients negotiate technology agreements under fair terms that secure your right to control a technology area and commercialize products of that technology.

IP Due Diligence

Due diligence, done well, identifies and resolves IP-related problems so that you can secure the financing you need to move forward. John Storella helps companies and investors on both the "buy side" and the "sell side" determine the:

  • Universe of intellectual property involved
  • Nature of the company's rights in the IP
  • Scope of protection afforded by these rights, and
  • Company's right to commercialize its products.