Examples of Our Work
This page contains a selection of patents granted on behalf of my clients.

U.S. Patent No. 7,605,003: Vermillion - "Use of Biomarkers for Detecting Ovarian Cancer" - Covers first multimarker proteomic test approved by the FDA

U.S. Patent No. 7,309,602: AmbroZea - Fermentation residuals with enhanced nutritional value that increase value of biofuel production

U.S. Patent No. 6,734,022: Baylor - "Desorption and Ionization of analytes" (SELDI) - Foundational technology of Ciphergen Biosystems (guided through successful re-examination)

U.S. Patent No. 6,271,037: Rockefeller University and Scripps - "Sequence determination of peptides" - Covers the use of CHCA, the most popular matrix for detecting peptides by MALDI mass spectrometry

U.S. Patent No. 6,264,891: Invitrogen - "Method for concurrent chemical synthesis" - DNA synthesizer used to make custom oligos for PCR

U.S. Patent No. 5,958,680: Geron - "Mammalian telomerase" - Covers GRN163L, an oligonucleotide presently in Phase I clinical trials for solid phase tumors

U.S. Patent No. 5,625,048: University of California - "Modified Green Fluorescent Proteins" - Fluorescent proteins engineered to emit light other than green. Inventor Roger Tsien won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2008 for work that included this invention

U.S. Patent No. 5,545,531: Affymetrix - "Multiple biological chip assays" - Held infringed by Illumina

U.S. Patent No. 5,272,263: Biogen - "DNA sequences encoding vascular cell adhesion molecules (VCAMS)" - an early patent on an isolated gene